Monday, April 14, 2008

A Long, productive Monday

I am tired.  This post is actually 2 hours later than it says.  I can't figure out how to make the time right for this blog.  So when it says 4:31 am, it's really 6:31 am.  I do not get up that early.

My morning started out with my weekly Monday morning Bible study with Elaine, Jodie and Cindy.  We talked about patience.  It seems to be a struggle for all of  us.  I think the Lord is just shaking His head at all of us.  But it is good to get together to pray and encourage each other.  I am so thankful to have these ladies in my life.  Elaine is in her 60's, Jodie is around 55, Cindy is 50 and I am 42.  I have known these girls for 20 years and I am so thankful they took me under their wings and have mentored and been my friends for all these years.  

When DH (dearest husband) and I moved in next door to Jodie and her family, we realized we were kindred spirits.  Since I got married so early, she was a blessing to have next door.

Anyway, after Bible study, Jodie and I went to find 2 plant stands for each side of my front door.  We found 2 downtown Franklin, brought them home and we hope to put ferns in them tomorrow.  

Then I had to do a ton of grocery shopping.  Publix and Kroger to find everything.  

I am having 18 (possibly more) here on Wednesday after my Southern Hills ladies Bible class.  We are getting close to ending for the summer and I wanted to do lunch for our special teacher and group.  

My menu is:  Greek shrimp salad, Chicken club salad, frozen cherry/banana salad, orange bread and double chocolate cherry chewy cookies

Tonight I made 2 loaves of orange bread (orange zest and all), the basil mayonnaise for the chicken club salad, and the frozen banana/cherry salad.  I think it is all going to be scrumptious.

I'll finish the rest up tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday early.  Somewhere in there I have to clean my house too.

Oh, tomorrow my friends Kimberly, Jeanna and Muffy are taking me for a belated birthday lunch to 'Miss Mable's Tearoom' in Dickson, Tennessee.  I have heard wonderful things about it and Kimberly is a doll for getting this together.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

So, I am a 'good' tired.

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