Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Fun Savannah, GA shop

Savannah and I thought this was a neat shop in Savannah, GA.  It was called 'The Paris Market & Brocante.'

All those ladies were smelling candles.

I had to take a picture of this collection of 'Carnival Mask Noses.'

It says they were each molded on real human noses in the 19th century to make the mask.  I couldn't believe that!  Take a look at some of those long noses! ...and they were going for $140-$170 a piece!  People will collect anything.......fun to look at though.

This last picture is of my 'Sunshine' just before we went out to dinner. 

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Mandy said...

I LOVE The Paris Market and have several of their candles! Glad you found that fun shop! Savannah looks adorable and ready for a night out on the town!