Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Few Favorite Picture Memories

These are a few of my favorite old pictures.  My sister and I at Easter. (Yes, I look like a boy) I just love the look on Leslie's face.  Classic Les.

Leslie and I with our Nonnie and Grandaddy in Mississippi.  Nonnie is patting my leg and Les is actually not singing or mothering me. I got a few spankings from Les.

And the next one is me, a little neighborhood kid, Kay and Maggie all in our dress-up clothes.  We are not sure why none of us are smiling, but we LOVED dress-up!

And the last one is of me and Maggie holding a frog between the two of us when our families were camping together. 

 Kay and Maggie were bridesmaids in my wedding.  

Wonderful memories.

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