Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday Week for Les

Yesterday was Leslie's birthday and we had a wonderful celebratory day!!  We had pre-birthday and post birthday celebrations.  We spread birthdays out all week around here.  

Todd drove up with them and he and DH played golf the first day they were up and he, Todd and Nicholas played a second day yesterday.  So....that left us all day for the girls to do exactly whatever Leslie wanted to do and that included the new Hill center in Green Hills and a book shop!  Fun! Fun!

Today we have been hanging close to home, eating Miss Daisy's Chicken Pot pie and cookie cake. Tomorrow we are going to 'Puffy Muffin' restaurant in Brentwood.  That is a favorite stop when Leslie and family come to town.


Uno Who said...

I've edited my profile to fit my new lifestyle. I can't believe how many times my name was mentioned by Julie! My five minutes of fame.

Uno Who said...

Hey, why does Les get a whole week of birthday? I spend mine in Pigsknuckle Arkansas and nobody notices mine go by?