Friday, August 15, 2008

Book Group Night in Brentwood

Last night Jodie and I headed to Brentwood for book group.  Most of our members live here in Franklin, but our oldest member (she turned 90 this year) comes with her daughter who lives in Brentwood about 20 miles away.

We exited Brentwood and I turned to Jodie and said, "Do you know where we're going?" and she said right back, "Not a clue."  We laughed and laughed because we both thought the other one had been to Kathline's house the last time.  I knew the neighborhood and so we drove up and down huge hills for a while.  Jodie said, "We can call the husbands and get them to look it up."  "Okay, what's her last name?"  And we died laughing again...well, we finally recognized another members vehicle and we yelled hooray!  

Last night we discussed Suite Francaise. Everyone who read it enjoyed it.  It is about the German occupation in France.  The author died at Auschwitz and her ten year old daughter kept her notes in her suitcase after she had been taken and years later had it published.  It was a moving story.

We just made one wrong turn finding our way home.

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Leslie said...

Ok,I am lauhing out loud,because I can just here you two.What a night.God was listening and laughing too wasn't he, then he showed you the friend's car?