Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Grave We Played On

My childhood home is built on land formerly owned by the George Ware family. I know this because his gravestone is out back of the house. He died in the early 1800's and the gravestone is like a huge stone box.

Leslie and I would set up our picnics on top, have performances on top, preach to the woods on top and sometimes sunbathe on top.

When we had friends over, it was a great topic for conversations. We were very comfortable visiting and hanging out with George Ware. Our friends would think it was scary or spooky. They thought we were so brave to go out there at night and we led many a kid and babysitter out there. One babysitter had a street party at our house and Les and I gave tours down the side of the house out to George's grave. They couldn't believe we were not scared. Piece of cake.

The county newspaper came out and wrote a special article on George's plantation and we learned alot of things. Turns out Mrs. Ware was buried just across from George and we didn't even know it. We had been jumping across her head stones without even knowing it. The more the merrier we thought!

Les and I had alot of fun on George Ware's crypt. I bet he liked the two little girls dancing and having tea parties on his grave. There was joy and lots of laughter there. Now our children love to wander out and play and Les and I still occasionally visit the grave we played on.


Leslie said...

Those were such fun times. Ill never forget those high schooler's so shocked that we weren't afraid.

Mandy said...

I can just see you two....