Saturday, August 23, 2008

Making Baby Shower Preparations

Today I have had so much fun preparing for a baby shower!  This morning I went to the farmer's market to buy bread and tomato's and spotted gorgeous flowers!  Jodie and I were supposed to go to Costco and buy some, but these were so much better to me!  I bought an assortment of zinnia's (my friend Elaine's happy flower) and a bunch with sunflowers, cosmos, globe amaranth, some purple something and white tuber-rose (it makes the room smell fabulous).  

Jodie came down to arrange the flowers for me.  She is the queen of arranging and loves doing it too. So I was very thankful.  Anyway, she also cut about ten stems of her 'Limelight' hydrangea for the dining table arrangement since I needed something creamy.  They are sublime! 

I also bought a grapevine wreath, decorated it with ivy, blue tulle, and blue ribbon.  Then I glue gunned small travel sizes of baby powder, baby food, baby shampoo, baby spoons, a pacifier and rattle.  I was thrilled with the outcome! I'll try to post some pictures.  It was a busy, crafty and fun day. 

Oh, I also made the corsage out of a pacifier and ribbon!


Libby said...

You did such a great job with everything! It looked so cute! Thanks for all your hard work. Your home is so warm and inviting!!

Mindy said...

It was so much fun. Thank You again for doing it all. (I feel like I am not saying thank you enough.) Everything was absolutely beautiful!!!

Leslie said...

Wow! How adorable! Love the wreath, and corsage!