Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting Ready to Go

Labor day weekend is coming fast!  I've been washing clothes and getting things ready for our drive to the beach to visit mom and dad.  With all the rain that they have had down there and 'Gustav' the tropical storm stirring up right now, I'm not sure if we will have any dry days.

We don't usually head to the beach on Labor Day weekend because it usually does rain every year down there and there are so many crowds and people on the road.  But the pool is finished and we are dying to try it out!

DH has NEVER missed a Labor Day at work, so this is big for him to be going with us.  He is able to keep an eye on things through his computer and is able to see any tickets entered and exactly what is going on.  I am always  amazed at technology.

Les and the kids are coming down too.  The rascal brother-in-law has to fly, so DH will miss not getting to play golf with him.  Some of Les and Todd's friends are renting a house behind mom and dad, so the more the merrier. 

We are taking Sav out of school a day early.  We usually have to beg her to skip and she will just not do it.  In 9th grade she had perfect attendance and last year she missed just two days because she was sick, but that is it!  We will only have her home for two more years and we told her we need to take advantage of all of us getting to be together.  After two years of saying no, she has finally agreed.  Yea!!  I think God has a really great sense of humor giving us this sweet, precious baby girl.  I know her daddy and I missed school in the double digits each easily.  She just shakes her head at our crazy antics.  



Uno Who said...

Just in case you've missed me and wonder where I've been, I was banned from Julie's blog by her sister. So if you want me back, let her know right here. Post here to free the brother-in-law......

Mandy said...

I was wondering where uno who went...I hate that he will miss your Labor Day fun - although I'm sure wherever he is, he's having his own fun! I hope your trip is wonderful and the weather is nice. Take lots of pics! I crack up thinking about you and John begging Savannah to skip school so you can go to the beach! Have fun - tell your parents hello.