Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some More Edinburgh Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from Edinburgh this summer.

Edinburgh Castle

Savannah with her head in a cannon.

A Beautiful View From Edinburgh Castle of Edinburgh

Sir Walter Scott's Memorial

Roman Ruins near Hadrian's Wall just across the Scottish border in England


The McCullough's said...

Julie, Do you know of a good bakery in the area? I am looking into Ellen's cake for her 1st birthday. We want it to be special and delicious! Thanks

Mandy said...

Hey Julie - I'm sure you know of tons of good bakeries....but I have a good friend that graduated from LU and her sis in law has a business and is fabulous! I'll give you her info and you can pass it along if you want. It's Ann Wells and her number is 615-440-7563 or you can check her out at She's really creative and her cakes are amazing! Just wanted to pass that along!

The McCullough's said...

Thanks! I am going to look into The Flour Shop... and I will keep Ann Wells in mind too.