Saturday, August 2, 2008

Waiting for Les to Visit

Poor Les, Nick and Sydney just finished waiting at the airport for approximately 5 hours. They actually would have gotten on if the flight wasn't cancelled at the last minute.

It is 12:10am in Atlanta and 11:10pm here so it has been a very long night. We were waiting up so I could drive up and get them.

Les says the airline is definitely not the airline she used to work for. She said 155 people just had to make new arrangements tonight. It doesn't sound fair does it. Who knows how many vacation plans, work schedules just got messed up.

They are heading back home and will probably try again on Monday or Tuesday. I know Nick and Syd are tired and disappointed.

Wednesday is Leslie's birthday, so when they get here, I will try to make her day extra special! I have missed her!

Sav and I have nursery in the morning at church, so poor DH will have to sit by himself one more Sunday. (Why don't men do nursery? )


Uno Who said...

Once again, no mention of the husband (brother-in-law) who drove them to the airport, waited with them and drove them back home:(

Thanks for reminding me of Leslie's birthday. I'll get her those new tires she wanted.

Leslie said...

Hey woman,
It's 1:11am and we are back home.Wewill try again. I do feel for all the people on the flt. that had to go stand in line after the long wait or go curl up on the hard airport floor. I do not miss these kind of days on the job flying. Always the advanture!!
Love ya, and we'll see you soon, definitely before my b'day!

Leslie said...

Oh, I forgot to mention the "uno who" husband that was able to get through security due to his airline id. He suffered with us. Thanks honey!!

Julie said...

My apologies Todd, you're the best for hanging out with them. I'll make you some fudge pie tarts when you come up this week!:)