Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stoveworks with Jaynie and Fred

Today I met my good friend Jaynie at the Factory in Franklin.  It is an old stove factory/mattress factory that has been renovated into a cool shopping and restaurant district. The farmer's market that I like to go to is also here on Saturday mornings in the back.
There is a pottery place here on the right where Savannah had her 7th birthday party. Memories!
We ate at the yummy 'Stoveworks' restaurant where we always get the Stoveworks Combo...pecan chicken salad, cranberry congealed salad, soup (Jaynie had broccoli/cheese, I had tomato basil) and spoon rolls. Delicious!  
Fred Thompson came in with his wife, children and mother.  We left him alone. He should be the one on the ballot... we Tennesseans think! He is very tall, too!  Jaynie's mom went to school with him in Lawrenceburg and said he was a fun cut-up.  
This last picture I snapped of my beautiful 11th grader coming out of school today.  She had great news that the school newspaper wants her to do some cartoons! Way to go baby girl!!


Leslie said...

Way to go Savannah!!!You are such a gift from God,isn't she woman!

Mandy said...

That sounds like a fabulous lunch! Way to go Savannah - she's so talented!