Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Fountain Pen

I love pens!  My favorite kind of pen is the fountain pen.  My most treasured pen is a Schaeffer fountain pen that my mother gave me.  It was given to her by her parents when she left for college.  It has a very fine gold point tip and still writes like a dream.  Mom said that one time she dropped it on a hard wood floor and it stood straight up into the floor like a knife thrown down.  I treasure it mostly because it was hers.  One of the last times she was here, I got it out and showed it to her.  She smiled and asked if it was still writing good.  I let her try it out. Still good.

Last November Leslie called me and said, "What should I get mom for her birthday?"  A fountain pen! Les said "Yes! Great idea!"  Les loves pens too.  And mom loved it!  Mom used to draw the ink into her fountain pens bladder with a bottle of ink, but now they make nifty refills you can just screw in.

There is nothing like sitting down with some pretty stationery and writing a letter to someone special with a fountain pen.  These new gel pens come pretty close with the flowing ink, but nothing will ever beat the weight in the hand of a good fountain pen.

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Mandy said...

I agree and I love pens too - and pretty printed paper!! I can just see your Mom with that pen!