Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday at the Beach

It's Sunday afternoon at the beach and the kids are in the pool. (Sav, Nick, Chipper, Bridget and Sydney) There has not been a drop of rain. If I was in Tennessee and saw the weather channel, I would think mom and dad would be getting pounded with rain.'s over cast, but no rain yet here.

Poppy is outside right now getting ready to put the grouper on the grill. Les has made the roasted potatoes, Holly has made a fruit salad, and Ken is fixing the shrimp. There's going to be some good eating here in a little while.

Les, Holly, Sav, Mimi and I hit the outlets yesterday and it was a fun four hours without men and shopping to our hearts content.

We've been amazed at how few people have been down this weekend. I guess everyone was nervous about Gustav. We have definitely had a blessed visit!

We'll be heading back early in the morning. But for now, we are in our happy place!


Leslie said...

It was a "HappyPlace." We had a blast. The pool is TERRIFIC!!
It was a great time had by all.The Lemon Pepper grouper and shrimp were absolutely delicious! There is nothing better than having seafood homemade at the beach.
Thanks for everything!

Ever Grateful said...

STOP IT!! you are making me so hungry, for you and for the food,
love, love, love you and your little happy blog, elaine